Chocolate Chantilly

200 ml (7 oz) water
225 grams quality bittersweet chocolate (a scant 8 oz), chopped coarsely
(This is 5 parts chocolate to 4 parts water in any units.)

Combine chocolate (Ghirardelli chocolate chips worked very well) and water in a sauce pan. Stir over medium heat until chocolate is dissolved. The trick now is to cool it and whip it at the same time. I deliberately chose a pot that would fit easily into a larger bowl filled with ice. You can also transfer into nested bowls again with the larger filled with ice. If you have a strong wrist you can whisk it into a froth, but I used a hand mixer. Apply steady abuse while the temperature of the mixture drops. Eventually the texture will resemble a mousse. Stop. In my case this took about five minutes. Apparently it is possible to over-whip it. If this happens just warm the mixture until it melts and start over. Transfer to a spoon and then apply to mouth or transfer to the containers you intend to serve it in. Martini glasses work well. In a refrigerator it will continue to firm up to a stiff foam.

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